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Django performance

Django Performance Optimization Tips – The Ultimate Guide

Whenever we write a program or develop an application whether it’s a web-based or a mobile application, our main goal Read More
benefits of serverless

Challenges and Benefits of Serverless Architecture

Continue to Part two: Deploying Django Apps in Serverless Using Zappa Serverless architecture provides a large number of benefits over Read More
gpx file

How to Extract & Render GPX files From GoPro to Cesium

CesiumJS is an open-source JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and maps. CesiumJS is an easy-to-integrate and uses the library Read More
React Redux Forms

React Redux Forms: 4 steps to Implement and Configure

The best way to manage the state of your form using React and Redux. The basic idea is to manage Read More
Serverless, Zappa

Deploying Django Apps in Serverless Using Zappa – Part Two

In the previous article, we discussed the basic concepts of Serverless Architecture. Serverless is the type of architecture in which Read More
Serverless Architecture

What is Serverless Architecture? – Part One

Serverless architecture is the architecture in which your apps are hosted on a cloud platform provided by a cloud provider. Read More

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