6 Flutter 2.0 Benefits: Top Choice for Mobile App Development in 2021

Every business wants a mobile application these days as mobiles are the primary medium through which most people access the internet these days. When it’s about developing a mobile app, a titan framework like Flutter 2.0 is required. The lucky day was back in December 2018, when Flutter got introduced to the world of technology. Being an open-source and a cross-platform framework quickly it leaped the stairs. Currently, it now secures one of the most used frameworks for mobile app development.

Flutter is valuable to the developers. Before the ideal invention framework, it was a challenge to design the UI of an application for all screen sizes. But now? Active users can easily use the apps without a second thought.

But what made Flutter so popular to become a top choice for mobile app development?

6 Benefits of Flutter Every Developer Looks Forward to

Since Flutter is a hybrid framework it is easily used to build applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web. Flutter mobile app development is the latest trend in the IT industry. 

But let’s break down the reasons that turned into benefits that work in the favor of the developers and the development process of mobile apps. 

  1. The programming language

Dart is the in-house programming language by Google. It is the right option to begin developing the mobile app even for an amateur developer. Programming languages can take a toll too sometimes. So instead of struggling with several others, using a clean, standard and incredibly powerful syntax language is helpful. 

Plus, with Dart, it is easy to design and maintain the mobile app too. 

  1. Fast and secure

The first thing a user notices about an app is its speed and performance. Regardless of the size of the mobile app, you plan to develop, Flutter with its native binaries and engine built on C/C++ helps to develop a high-performing app. 

Not only it runs faster on various platforms but also is capable of achieving a steady 60 FPS on several devices. Although native apps have always given a tough competition to hybrid apps Flutter has an upper hand clearly in this matter. 

  1. Low cost

Do you have any idea how much it costs to develop a mobile app?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a progressive business or a leading enterprise, the cost to develop a high-performing app is one of the biggest concerns. Native apps are costly especially for startups. But Flutter for mobile app development gives the advantage to build a flawless app that runs on multiple platforms with just a single base code. 

It’s a single-cost hiring solution for the company!


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  1. High productivity

Building an app that consists of several errors and constant updates is a waste of time, effort, and resources. 

One of the basic pros of using Flutter for mobile app development is the Hot Reloading feature! 

With the help of this feature, the developing team has the high leverage to reflect the changes without even saving the file. 

  1. Extensive plugins

Developers have multiple choices in plugins and widgets when using Flutter. This helps to accelerate the over-app development process. 

The development process with Flutter is far easier, comfortable, and error-free enough to eliminate the complexity of building an app or combining elements for the development. 

  1. Single codebase

When developing a native app, the need to maintain separate files for both, front-end and back-end is required. Fortunately, Flutter uses a single codebase language – Dart

It is a perfect language choice for developers. 

Final Thoughts

esketchers is a company that always stays up-to-date with the freshest trends. So if you decide to opt for Flutter 2.0 for your mobile app development rest assured you are moving towards an excellent user experience. 

Reap the benefits of Flutter mobile app development and accomplish your business needs with a customized app right now.


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