8 Reasons to Choose Ionic Framework Development in 2021

What does a successful mobile app require? When it’s about developing a mobile app, there are two indicators that define quality – the looks and feels. Ionic framework development is one of the integral hybrid app frameworks that fit the criteria. The use of hybrid frameworks is not uncommon, in fact with the introduction of the Ionic platform, cross-platform applications have come a long way.

Mobile app development with the right framework, like Ionic, can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

To think of using familiar web application-based languages to develop a “modern technical app” is the right approach for a variety of reasons. But first, let’s chip in some bits and pieces of information about the Ionic Framework. 

Recalling Ionic Framework Benefits 

The use of the Ionic framework allows you to use a combination of familiar programming languages (like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript). The extensive open source of SDK makes it an ideal choice for hybrid mobile apps.

Being a one-stop solution is one of the biggest advantages of using a hybrid framework such as Ionic 2.0 for the development of mobile apps

  1. Used Across Multiple Platforms 

Ionic framework language is convertible from one operating system to another. The easy language conversion allows the app the opportunity to be used on multiple platforms. If you use a native language instead of a hybrid, it will mean more time-consuming and more cost. The learning process will become extensive. 

A mobile app can be easily sourced for Android, iOS, or Windows phones with the help of Ionic development.

  1.  Open Source Framework 

By now, this is clear – despite being an open-source framework, Ionic 2.0 is more stable in terms of developing the framework. 

It’s a proud moment for mobile app developers. Developers can play with the powerful new form controls like DateTime picker, new cross-platform components like material Design support are more plausible, and so on. 

  1. Web-based UI elements 

If you are interested in developing a beautiful app then Ionic development in 2021 is the iconic choice of the year. The inclusion of CSS and JavaScript features has the sole purpose to customize the app in Javascript by adding different buttons, menus, color schemes, and so on. 

Themes can be changed by applying derivative and UI elements. Ultimately this gives you a native app look. With the Ionic framework, developers have a lot of options to make an app more consumer-friendly and one that is good-looking too.  

  1. Available in Angular, React and VueJS 

Ionic was built initially in AngularJS but as Angular evolved so does ionic. 

With the advent of Angular 2+ Ionic 2 was released to support the latest version of angular and later on it was made available in React and VueJS as well so that developers can choose their favorite javascript framework to start development instead of learning the new framework and be productive from day 1.


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  1. Cost-Effective 

One of the major benefits from the business’s point of view is that Ionic is free! Frameworks cost thousands of dollars, to begin with, the research and marketing campaigns excluded. So one cannot ignore the fact that Ionic is technically free. 

It is a highly cost-effective approach. It can reduce the cost of mobile app development by 50% with faster development options. The results are super effective. 

  1. Saves Time 

Ionic frameworks offer easy debugging and testing solutions making mobile app development faster, smoother, and rather more efficient. 

The easy testing stage also saves time to develop the mobile app in less time than a native app. How? There is no need to re-deploy the app for testing. This saves a lot of bucks on the company’s end too. 

  1. Large Community 

Sometimes, even for expert developers, the execution of mobile is not easy. In case a new framework is built with technologies like Angularjs and Cordova then the developer has the upper hand in building a mobile app with an Ionic framework. As it turns out Angular and Cordova have an active and large community. 

Solving queries on forums and blogs is easier and faster. Interactive learning never stops for developers. 

  1. Cordova Plugins 

Plugins help you to perform multiple things on the app. Thanks to JavaScript it is possible to attach the piece of code to the app. 

When using Ionic development, Cordova Plugins gives access to the operating system so that you can use different features like Geolocation, Camera and Battery, etc. so a mobile app with optimal working is an asset for the company and the users.

Bottom Line 

So you see? You have a lot of reasons to choose Ionic framework development for a hybrid app. If you are looking for a business that offers great input in Ionic app development services, then you are on the right platform right now. 

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