How to Choose the Right Software Development Company For Your Startup

Looking to choose the right software development company for your startup is a lot like finding the needle in the haystack. You need to triple-check everything before saying “I DO” when opting for offshore outsourcing especially. 

The next few months for this business collaboration are the trickiest of all. Most of you may not find the right software company. 

And that’s okay. 

Different factors are involved in “availability of choice” which can be a daunting experience at the time of hiring. Choosing a software development company does not have to be daunting for your startup. 

The wrong choice can lead to a waste of funds and delays in project completion or even result in disastrous projects. 

Keeping the concerns in mind, this blog will guide you with simple and yet most overlooked factors that can help you pick the brightest apple from the basket. 


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11 Solid Tips to Help you Choose A Software Development Company 

Making $$$ of mistakes can stress you enough to lose your mane. Just because your first choice for the software development company was a complete failure does not mean the next choice will be as bad. 

Why not avoid repeating your mistakes? Below are some of the qualified tips that will help you find the potential companies to work alongside. 

  1. Quotes – Cheapest Ones are a Red Flag

If women fall for discount rates, the entrepreneurs fall for the cheapest quotes! You do not want to hire a software development company that you end up regretting right? 

The cheapest offers are the most skeptical ones. Ultimately you end up paying more than the original pricing plan you chose. 


There are a couple of reasons like; 

  • Outdated technological Choices – poorly written codes, no tests, lack of records and documentation, etc. 
  • Lack of communication – Could be lingual barriers or time-zone barriers, etc. 

Got a clue? You do not want to end up buying a service just because it is “cheapest”. Keep an eye out for “cost-effective” services offered by a company. Choosing a software company is like getting a second-hand broken laptop after a week or two.  

  1. Communication and Execution

Look for a company that offers constant need of communication to improve the development process and values. 

A cost-effective software development company integrates the team from day one to be able to achieve its goals. 

Customers usually look for communication and quality in service providers. More than 80% of software development companies work in SCRUM. Your outsourced software development company must have it. 

Communication tools are an important part of the consideration as well. Project management tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, etc are some of the popular choices helping both parties communicate effectively. 

  1. “No” is Favorite Most Word 

Is the software developing nodding all the way with a minimum input? Now that’s pretty much a red flag. You need to avoid the yes-sayers at all costs. 

A partner who is straightforward and able to say no when needed means that they value the project more than “just completing” the task and being done with it. 

For instance; 

“Let’s not work on this particular feature, for now, it’s not possible to extend our resources just yet” 

The software development company must be clear about the available resources and time availability. Taking more work than their capabilities means the work will be delayed and you will end up paying more. 

  1. Business Chemistry 

As a client, you must feel that the company heads are listening to you and understand your needs. It represents strong business chemistry between the client and service provider. The relationship between the two is important. 

The developers must also be able to ask the right questions when needed. Hesitating to point out a strategy that may not work for app development means it will save you thousands of bucks in the end. 

Transparent communications mean strong business chemistry that helps avoid pitfalls and purses the client’s business towards success. 

  1. Lingual Barriers 

If your business is located in the US, you need to look for a software development company that can communicate in the same language. 

So English is a must for business communication. 

Language skills matter for software developers as well. They need to keep in touch with the client, write codes, and so on. 

So the software developer the company ends up assigning you must understand English at a conversational and professional level. Geographical barriers are non-existent due to advanced technologies but still, you need to think twice about outsourcing your startup’s products and services. 

A partner who can advise you in a common language has a lot of potential as compared to one with poor linguistic skills.


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  1. Portfolios Reviews 

The company’s website is the proof you need to investigate the past projects of various application types their software developers worked on. 


Professional custom software development companies have tried and tested methodologies based on completed projects. It saves time and effort in the development process. 

But some companies who are still new to the game, are in the middle of developing these methodologies. So you can expect more challenges in the software development cycle. 

It’s best to consider the project size because most custom software development companies prefer to take mid to large scale projects

  1. Social Proof – Ratings and Reviews 

Choosing the wrong software development company can end up in losing a ton of money and your precious time. 

You need to be smart in evaluating your business needs. A sketchy product at best is not going to help you find the right software development company. Surf as many options as possible. Create a checklist on the basis of price, rates, and locations, etc. 

Clutch is a popular platform to find the service provider. Users can select filters to narrow the search results. 

On review sites, you can check a company’s hourly rate, clients’ reviews, features, services, tenure, etc. you can also check blogs and trending news to even further have guaranteed results. 

For instance, Clutch recently announced Top 100 B2B Custom Software Development Companies in Pakistan

So if you are looking to outsource in Pakistan, it’s easier to navigate the list. 

  1. Technology Library  

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and so is software. The software company you are looking for must be able to keep up with the tech progress. 

It’s time to learn about the technological tools like software and channels of communication the company uses. 

A focused custom software development partner shows much expertise in the required niche. For instance, if you are looking for Node.JS then find a company with the related expertise. Not all companies are able to professionally handle a wide range of software development services. 

  1. Nearshore vs Offshore

The first natural choice is to work with nearshore companies right? It means fewer travel costs, a more relatable culture, and limited linguistic barriers. 

But the choice may not work for you in the long run for multiple reasons. Nearshore companies these days are becoming stagnant in terms of skilled specialists and demanding higher costs. 

Whereas the offshore companies still have plenty of untapped regional markets from where you can hire the most talented pool of software developers at affordable rates. Pakistan is a prime candidate for offshore outsourcing. 

The time difference is an expected issue but it can be ruled out with strong communication tools. 

  1. Make Inquiries about The Team 

At this point, you may not consider team structure as a critical factor. But you must inquire about the team composition. 

For instance, ask the right questions – who will be responsible to handle the project? Will there be a project manager? How will quality be assured? And so on. 

You need to find out the level of supervision needed from your side or whether the team will be able to handle the majority of work on their own or not. 

It’s crucial to be in contact with the project managers as they act as a bridge between you and the rest of the team. Good agencies have efficient and dedicated project managers assigned to the clients. 

  1. Future Maintenance 

Outsourcing large-scale projects need constant maintenance to run bug-free. Your product users must be able to operate the software or app with top-notch performance capacity. But the more traffic generated on the app performance is bound to dwindle. 

The developers you chose to work with know the intricacies of the app like the back of their hand.

So you must consider the post-deployment maintenance as well when choosing the software development company. 

Final Words

Every startup’s requirement will vary from one project to another. The above-mentioned tips apply in all case scenarios. It is advisable for startups to prepare a checklist before hiring a software development company. 

Put efforts into account to select the right choice. One last thing you must remember is to compare and evaluate the shortlisted companies. Startups cannot afford the luxury of mistakes so stay tuned for future tips. 

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