10 Top Amazing Websites Built With Angular Framework

Angular is a framework for web utility development. Primarily based on TypeScript, it’s miles wholly open-supply and suitable for each people who plan to build their first Angular startup and businesses whose goal is to provide a marketplace-main app. For many years, group Google contributed to its improvement. The tale began with AngularJS, frequently called Angular 1. This model turned into popular for many years, and lots of famous apps are written on AngularJS. However after the upgraded Angular v.2 become launched, it misplaced the “JS”-ending — now, it’s truly Angular. Year by means of yr, it keeps getting better. The new fresh Angular 13 was launched on November 04, 2021. The Angular thirteen update adds RxJS, a reactive extension for JavaScript, and includes all versions of RxJS up to and consisting of model 7. For apps created with ng new, RxJS 7. Four has come to be the default. Here we are going to discuss the Top 10 Websites Built With Angular Framework.


Why Angular?

  1. It helps MVC (model, View, and Controller) architecture wherein a developer simply has to cut up the app into MVC additives and the rest is controlled by way of AngularJS.
  2. “ way facts binding” ensures any alternate made in view will reflect in the model and vice versa.
  3. Using templates allows you to reveal statistics from the model and controller.
  4. Angular Directives are attributes that decorate the capability of HTML elements by including new functionalities.
  5. Expressions are like code snippets enclosed within curly braces that do not use any conditional statements or loops; instead, they’re used to layout information and display it.
  6. A scope is a JavaScript item that is living within the version and acts as an intermediate that controls the go with the flow of records between the controller and considers.


Top 10 Websites Built With Angular


They are considered the arena’s biggest and most popular market for freelancing and enterprise. Upwork connects freelancers, companies, and unbiased professionals with groups of all sizes for any hiring they want.


website build with angular


Upwork’s service gives us an intuitive layout, outstanding functionality, and facts protection for all customers. As freelancing continues to rise in its reputation, the Upwork service rises as properly.

With AngularJS 1.5.9 inside the tech stack, the Upwork platform is imparting a responsive single-web page enjoyed by greater than 20 million of its active users. The framework with its seamless navigation presents great answers that may be carried out to any internet site for intuitive navigation and filtering.

Just like any other website written in Angular, Upwork prospers by offering high website overall performance and a wealthy consumer experience.


Online money transfers wouldn’t be so fast and simple without PayPal; PayPal looks terrific and works so well, thanks to Angular.

PayPal lets in transfers of cash between individuals and agencies. There are greater than 305 million active users on the platform. Remarkable internet site performance and the ability to handle high masses reinforce the company’s function in a rating of online fee carrier providers.


website build with angular



Freelancer is an Australian-based totally platform for freelancers founded in 2009. The platform was created with the aid of crowdsourcing and has customers throughout 247 territories around the world. Freelancer serves as a market for employees and employers to post, collaborate, and complete projects.


website build with angular


Having such a large organization of customers, it’s no surprise that Freelancer chose Angular for his or her leading frontend framework. Giving their users seamless responsiveness, a superb revel in, and lovely UI, Freelancer is the use of Angular five.1.Zero.


Well-known manufacturer and seller of computer software programs, hardware, and middleware. IBM also gives consulting and web hosting offerings in areas from mainframe computers as much as nanotechnology. In fact, IBM as one of the oldest tech organizations holds a pinnacle spot for the most U.S. Patents generated through the organization for the beyond 27 years.


website build with angular


The use of Angular for the front-quit development of their website, it’s quite obvious how efficient and powerful Angular may be whilst even technology giants like IBM use it.


Delta Air strains carried within the USA are a pacesetter in home and global travel. They offer flight tickets to 60 countries and extra than 300 locations.


website build with angular


Built with Angular 6.1. Nine Delta’s internet site is all out and their website’s front-page visitors are now ranking 0.33 in the travel and tourism class. They decided to place the framework on their homepage and they’re without a doubt cashing in on that.

With that integration, Delta’s clients are able to make some superior airfare searches or sign up for flight facts with a pleasant personal experience and rapid loading pace of a web page.


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The South Korean electronics organization that is a worldwide competitor in the electronics industry turned into founded in 1938. The front page of the website is full of Angular code.


website build with angular


Angular 6.1.2 is included in the Samsung ahead service. The Angular in this case enables visually attractive animations as well as transitions that are mobile-pleasant and that each one is enhancing the consumer revel in at the website. 

In a number of the many businesses that use Angular, Samsung can be differentiated as a top leader in the area of electronics.


As the name proposes that is weather figuring out site that turned into constructed again in 2015 that was constructed the use of Angular and became won through IBM. Weather is a splendid example of the Angular website as it indicates the way it tends to be utilized for ongoing telecom on websites or programs with various geological regions. Joined with integration with distinct courses and clean plans, the weather is a supply of substantial records as a consequence of Angular power functions.


website build with angular



One extra awesome Angular website, Forbes, is built with Angular nine+ and joined with special advances like middle-JS, BackboneJS, LightJS, and others.

First of all, Forbes was a commercial enterprise magazine famous in the USA and later was given a huge reputation because of articles highlighted on the web. The one’s articles are typically positioned profoundly on Google seek Engine end result page and cope with a reliable supply to a reader. Ultimate month Forbes.Com had around 108 million worldwide readers. 

Forbes is currently considered one of the largest publishing agencies using Angular. Furthermore, this is given that Angular can cope with the requests for information insurance we’ve got in recent times.


website build with angular



JetBlue is a website for the minimum expense American plane, labored with Angular. In 2019, the plane service in excess of forty-two million vacationers! So the business enterprise’s application and internet site must be prepared to address high traffic and gift an excellent interface to a big wide variety of customers every day. Therefore the builders used Angular to construct their website. Also, till further note, those product gadgets efficaciously manage this mission. On the website, you can e-book tickets, look at objections, see publications, get admission to the flight tracker vicinity, and accordingly significantly extra.


website build with angular



Netflix is an American provider agency, which fits clients to watch online films and web collections on numerous devices. Among the critical functions, Netflix is a ways-achieving database of serials and motion pics whose real substance is accessible to see in great superior fine or 4K. Right here you could see the relationship between the Angular websites and databases. The institution at Netflix applied Angular because the frontend tool and the backend wishes had been fulfilled through technology like Python and Flask.


website build with angular



This concludes our 10 most famous Angular websites and the well-known manufacturers that exhibit Angular’s talents at their greatest.  They’re lovely, they’re professional, they may be slick and they’re memorable. The capability and freedom to create is, in truth, what makes Angular so popular.

So it’s absolute confidence that with Angular you may remodel the interactivity and capability of your websites and packages for the better. And on the pinnacle of that, this framework is constantly maintained and updated, so it really works high-quality with much less commonplace technologies as properly.


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