Software Outsourcing – 8 Reasons Why Pakistan is The First Choice?

Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Mexico, and India are among the top contenders for offshore software outsourcing. However, Pakistan is often overlooked in terms of software development. While the above-mentioned countries are considered as the strongest competitors it has also led towards over-crowding, affecting the work quality.


The problem is that business does not always have a multi-million dollar project at hand. Working with limited-tier vendors means working with a small team with specific skills only. These teams are limited in their ability to hire or to retain a top talented team of experts.


So it’s expected to think of these countries as the top choice. But Pakistan is changing the tactics in the IT industry by rising above the challenges and limitations that these common locations are now facing.


What Does Pakistan Have to Offer in Software Outsourcing? 


Companies that can afford offshore outsourcing are always on a hunt to find the best candidate. Pakistan is now becoming a choice among the top-tier countries for offshore outsourcing due to a variety of reasons.


  1. 6th Largest Population 

You may think this is not something to be proud of but look at the bright side. A higher population means more numbers of talented individuals. Sure, India is a densely overpopulated country but the highrise competition has negated the positive results that clients want in their projects.


So far Pakistan is not well-tried or tested in software development. So those clients who chose to work with Pakistani software houses have shown immense interest in working with them.


The least expectations have borne the fruitful results, therefore, putting Pakistan on the map for freelancing and top software houses too as compared to India, China, or South American countries.


  1. Developing EcoSystem is Favorable 

The rising demand for IT specialists in our neighboring countries, India and China, is due to a well-developed startup EcoSystem – something that Pakistan still lacks in comparison.


Labeled as a developing country, Pakistan is often neglected due to its limited resources.


What western companies fail to understand is that the still-developing startup EcoSystem allows them to find the right talent within a lower budget as compared to India or China. 


Sure, India and China are progressing more in the IT sector but it also has increased their hunger for an increase in salaries. A lower pool of talent with high salary demands has created a vacuum that companies are not willing to fill with cash. 


Hence the primary reason behind higher rates being demanded by talented individuals in other countries is driving western companies towards less expensive options. 


Pakistan is the answer to their worries. So companies interested in working with talented but cost-effective individuals can create their own personal remote teams without any negotiations.


  1. Talent Expectations 

It’s hard for many to believe that Pakistan is blessed with amazing talent. Besides the healthcare industry, the IT sector has fast developed in the last decade. Several international IT brands like Microsoft, IBM, etc have their offices here too!


Even with the high unemployment rate in Pakistan, offshore outsourcing is the perfect opportunity for young graduates to avail remote work. Its works perfectly for the international markets and entrepreneurs looking to invest in affordable markets.


Because still a majority of the local market remains untapped, clients can expect professionals like web developers, app developers, graphic designers, content writers, etc with the right scrutiny.


So companies have plenty of opportunities to seek the right talent from Pakistan easily as compared to India or other Asian countries.


  1. Affordability for clients 

The popular belief about India is that it’s cheap. Contrary to the notion, in comparison, Pakistan is cheaper.


Pakistan is ranked 3rd largest English-speaking country – so language is not an issue and neither is affordability. The IT services are cheaper because Pakistan is a relatively untapped market which means low competition.


A market with low competition means clients have the opportunity to pay lower rates to a talented team. The work hours are flexible too which works in the favor of remote teams or individuals too.


The cost to hire an amateur but a skilled individual is cost-efficient because fresh graduates’ salary is lower as compared to the west or the neighboring countries like China and India.


For this very reason, several US-based startups have emerged globally now all thanks to offshore outsourcing with Pakistan-based software companies.


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  1. Tax Incentives 

Not every country is business-friendly when it comes to tax incentives. But the business laws are flexible in Pakistan. Currently ranked 60th in the countries where it is easy to carry a business western entrepreneurs can find and create their remote teams in major IT hubs like Lahore.


In comparison to India, which ranks 116th, Pakistan does offer a favorable choice for several offshore companies, especially for web development, software development, and other IT services.


  1. Broadband Game is On! 

While the broadband rates are high in the US, it suffices to say that Pakistan is among the countries offering low broadband services to the public.


Popular mobile network companies like Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, and Zong, all offer affordable internet and call rate packages. Even because of affordable mobile packages, the trend of using mobile data is booming in Pakistan.


So a fresh graduate who is looking for an online job can afford low mobile package rates when job hunting. The availability of 3G and 4G have changed the game for entrepreneurs and job seekers in Pakistan.


  1. Urban Cities are Preferable 

Every country has a metropolitan commercial hub popular for a variety of reasons. Similarly in Pakistan cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi are the primary urban localities offering quality IT services for offshore outsourcing.


The talent pool shifts from smaller cities to bigger and more accomodating cities in terms of higher education and jobs. These cities have the best talent who graduated from top universities.


So this way the people who migrate from small cities have better chances of showing their skills too.


  1. Young Individuals 

Pakistan has the largest percentage of young population (by 29%) ranging from 15-29 years of age. This south-east Asian country considers its youth as a valuable asset and therefore believed in investing in the right opportunities for education, and jobs.


The young population of Pakistan is known to be highly innovative. They can propose highly engaging ideas despite the limited resources and therefore are more than eager to resolve complex problems they may face in task completion with their brilliance.


The youth is innovative, creative and passionate to overcome challenges, and keen to indulge in future opportunities.


Why choose esketchers for offshore outsourcing?


When clients or prospects contact us, they may find it hard to believe that esketchers, situated in Lahore, can do what it takes to build a mobile app or work on software development. Recently we are recognized by Clutch as among the top B2B companies in Pakistan.


The overall image conceived by the foreign business operations may undervalue the software houses in Pakistan but esketchers brings the best in terms of services and reasonable rates without compromising the work ethics and quality.


Esketchers is among the tech business leaders known for custom software development and mobile app development.


Considered as rational thinkers offering work flexibilities to its employees that also work in the favor of its clients. When working with esketchers you do not have to quell about the typical quality or work hours.


So it goes without saying that being recognized among the top tier companies in Pakistan is proof that esketchers is among the top choices for offshore software outsourcing.


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