Quality Assurance Services


At Esketchers, We put extreme focus on quality assurance and making sure that product delivered is finest quality by going through our comprehensive process of quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of the project. We have an in-house team of QA engineers and our services consist of a combination of automated and manual testing, making sure your product follows up-to-date quality assurance standards.


Automated QA Testing

Automated QA testing is type of testing where we test the actual outcome of the program with expected output of the program. This is normally handled via writing test scripts or using automated tools such as Selenium. We also provide Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure that all critical parts of code are well tested and part of the build process. Automated Testing is particularly useful for scenarios where application requires large amounts of data that scripts can automatically create and purge. Maintenance of automated test scripts is very important as well to increase the test coverage along with the expansion of scope of application


Manual Blackbox Testing

Blackbox Testing or Manual Testing is a type of testing in which a tester evaluates the functionality of the software without looking at the internal code structure. Tester creates the test cases and scenarios based on functional specification document and it is often sometimes referred to as Behavioural Testing or Sanity Testing. Tester will not only test the functional part of testing to make sure that it functions as expected but also test for certain other aspects such as cross browser testing, load/stress testing, security, compatibility and user experience. At Esketchers we provide manual quality assurance services and we have in-house skilled team of QA engineers to  ensure end-to-end user satisfaction, through improved product quality and a delightful digital experience.