Mobile Applications

Native and Hybrid applications for ios and Android devices. We build native applications using objective C, Swift for ios and Kotlin/Java for Android applications. Also offer hybrid application development using latest tech stack which includes Ionic, React Native and Flutter.

Be greeted by name as you enter the place

The Regulars app sets you up for a personalized service everyday. Regardless of who stands in the cashier

Be greeted by name as you enter the place

The Regulars app sets you up for a personalized service everyday. Regardless of who stands in the cashier

Find Golf Buddies in SEA

Deemples is a golf app that golfers use to find other golfers to golf with. Create your golf game on Deemples and let others join you.

Esketchers have a long history of developing iOS applications using native technologies such as Objective C and Swift and over the years we have developed iOS application in many industries including Loyalty applications, Marketplaces, E-commerce, Music, Social Media and Ed-Tech applications

iOS Expertise



Android is the leading mobile platform on the world and Esketchers have been working with android applications  since version 2.x. Over the years our android development have been keeping up with latest best practices and today we are well versed with latest happenings in the android world and deliver android applications across different range of devices and verticals


Ionic changed the landscape of mobile applications by offering the quick and cheap way of coming up with mobile applications built with familiar web based technologies that work across mobile applications. We at Esketchers have been working with Ionic since it was in early beta and over the years developed dozens of hybrid applications and keeping up with latest versions of Ionic as Ionic was initially based in Angular and as Angular improved Ionic keeps on improving as well. 


React Native is quickly changing the way native applications are developed. React Native offers the native like experience while using the same codebase for both android and iOS application. At Esketchers we have beenvery familiar with ReactJS and Redux and we quickly pick up React Native and have been working with React Native as a framework of choice to upcoming and existing clients. 

AR/VR is quickly changing dynamics of how we interact with machines. At Esketchers we are providing the services to build the next generation of AR/VR experiences for your clients and businesses to deliver the next wave of digital experiences. Mobile is the obvious choice to deliver AR/VR experiences to the users and at Esketchers we use Unity to develop AR/VR experiences

Home Loans Simplified

The fully customizable Loanzify Digital POS platform brings you cutting edge loan and client management tools to allow you to close more loans, with a faster turn time, and with a better client experience.