Big Data and Analytics

Esketchers provides Big Data and Analytics solutions to help businesses make sense of their data. We help clients set up their warehouse solutions including data storage solution, ETL pipelines and setting up their warehouses on Amazon or Google cloud using tools such as Amazon Red Shift, Google’s Big Query, Google Data Studio and Tableau.

ETL Pipelines

ETL is short for extract, transform, load, three database functions that are combined into one tool to pull data out of one source and place it into another destination normally warehouse scale database such as Google’s Big Query or Amazon’s Redshift. At Esketchers we help you design ETL pipelines to move your transaction data to your warehouse. Data can be gathered from your transactional databases or from third party sources using data crawling, API’s and etc. We normally use Python to write all our ETL scripts. 

Database Migrations

Wether you are planning to move your self hosted databases to cloud for better scalability or other reason, Moving from one cloud provider to other cloud or changing your database engine like changing from MSSQL to MySQL, Postgres or Oracle. Esketchers help you make that transition. We help you migrate your database systems and make the whole process smooth for you. 

Warehouse Schema Design

When it comes to data warehouse schema design there are some options to choose from like Snowflake schema, Star Schema, Galaxy Schema and many more, Data warehouse schemas are bit different from traditional schemas as you are optimising the database for viewing the data and analytics in form of facts and dimensions rather than transactional use or interfacing with applications. At Esketchers we help you design efficient warehouse schemas depending on your application and use cases. This data from warehouse is then used to build dashboards on some data visualisation tool such as Tableau or Looker

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation is a very critical part of any warehouse solution as this is the part where you make sense of your data, find trends, patterns and analytics for future decision making and analysing past performances. At Esketchers we have strong grip on modern data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Looker and Google Data Studio