Discover what your data says about your business

Locl provides the expertise and software needed to unlock Google Maps for your business.

Technology Stack


LOCL is a SAAS application that gives you new insight into your customer’s purchasing journey. You can use this information to drive more traffic and sales. It helps the client to compare best-performing and worst-performing locations. With the help of information provided by LOCL you can evaluate your location (business) performance and even predict future revenue.
It helps you understand the following

  • Customer’s search-to-purchase behavior
  • Find metrics that correlate to revenue
  • View multi-location aggregate views as well as 18+ months of data history which you cannot get from any other service.
  • View direction requests and top 50 zip codes where your customers are coming from.

LOCL is web application in which backend is implemented in Python/Django along with PostgresSQL. Frontend is a React app which interacted with our server via REST API’s.