What is Agile Methodology?

Everything you need to know about Agile Methodology There is a lot of [...]

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How Reddit counted Views

We want to better communicate the scale of Reddit to our users. Up to this point, vote [...]

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Django Social Auth Integration With Django Rest Framework

A few days back I have to write an API to register a user using Facebook and Google social auth. The task was simple I will get facebook or google access_token in request and then I will use that to get User information from Facebook and store it in Database and also create auth_token using Django-rest-framework and return it in response so client side can use this token for subsequent calls. The application was using Django-social-auth for its web version already to give users the ability to register using Facebook and Google. The application was also using Django-rest-framework version 2.4 for writing REST APIs. […]

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How to build a lean data warehouse and BI infrastructure

Like most early companies we started to manually keep track of our numbers [...]

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Why Amazon Retail Went To A Service Oriented Architecture

When Lee Atchison arrived at Amazon, Amazon was in the process of moving [...]

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Top 10 Mistakes that Django Developers Make

In this tutorial, we will look at some common mistakes that are often [...]

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10 Reasons not to use Firebase

Yes, Please, don’t. Building real-time applications are today standard. At Crisp, we used [...]

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