Django Social Auth Integration With Django Rest Framework

Few days back I have to write an API to register a user using Facebook and Google social auth. The task was simple I will get facebook or google access_token in request and then I will use that to get User information from facebook and store it in Database and also create auth_token using django-rest-framework and return it in response so client side can use this token for subsequent calls. The application was using django-social-auth for its web version already to give users the ability to register using Facebook and Google. The application was also using django-rest-framework version 2.4 for writing REST APIs. […]

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How to build a lean data warehouse and BI infrastructure

Like most early companies we started to manually keep track of our numbers in google sheets. Obviously, this approach is hardly scalable and massively prone to human [...]

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DevOps is a culture, not a role!

Software is everywhere. In today’s world, every major company/organisation is related to software development and needs to behave as one. There is more pressure than ever to [...]

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Why Amazon Retail Went To A Service Oriented Architecture

When Lee Atchison arrived at Amazon, Amazon was in the process of moving from a large monolithic application to a Service Oriented Architecture. Lee talks about this [...]

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Top 10 Mistakes that Django Developers Make

In this tutorial, we will look at some common mistakes that are often made by Django developers and ways to avoid them. This tutorial is useful even [...]

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10 Reasons not to use Firebase

Yes, Please, don’t. Building real-time applications is today standard. At Crisp, we used Firebase in production over 9 month, starting from day one. From the dream to [...]

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